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Handkraftd D-Shaped Flat Bottom

Handkraftd Steering wheels are available in F1 Inspired D-Shaped / Flat Bottom. Having a flat bottom improves leg and thigh clearance to allow for a more comfortable seating position. It also allows the drivers hands to feel and intuitively determine the orientation of the wheel. Our wheels have been tested by industry professionals from interior designers and automotive parts manufacturers to offer the most comprehensive and comfortable steering wheel grip. Whether for racing, spirited daily driving, or even for show. HandkraftD Steering Wheels are Hand Made to give the owner the feel of full control.


Along with improved performance, the flat bottom shape gives the steering wheel a more aesthetically pleasing and aggressive look. However, you don't need to worry about original plastics and controls. All Handkraftd Flat Bottom wheels are designed specifically to support the reuse the original Airbag Control units, and Plastic trim. (These items are not included).

HandKraftd Steering Wheels Hand Made Quality.